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Hingham Catholic Virtual Mass 
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(Sat 4PM, Sun 10 AM & 5 PM; Daily Mass 9 AM and 7 PM)

During the winter months, please assume
that Mass will be indoors, unless weather permits an outdoor Mass at Resurrection.

  • In Person: Register in advance through Eventbrite for the weekend Mass that you wish to attend. 
  • Registration open Tuesday 7 AM-Friday Noon
    (Links updated every Monday)

Saturday  4 PM Resurrection      Register Here 4 PM 
Sunday    7 AM St Paul              Register Here 7 AM
              9:30 AM Resurrection  Register Here 9:30AM
             10 AM St. Paul             Register Here 10 AM
             11:30 AM Resurrection  Register Here 11:30 AM
              5:30 PM- Life Teen      Register Here 5:30 PM

  • Tickets are NOT interchangable 
  • Arrive 15 min before Mass as check-in is required. 
  • If you are unable to attend in person for weekend Mass, you are invited to tune into the indoor livestream service!
    4 PM Saturday Vigil (Resurrection)  

10 AM (St. Paul)          5:30 PM (Life Teen Mass)

  • Daily Mass livestreamed (Monday through Friday)
    9am at St Paul and 7pm at Resurrection (followed by adoration Wed-Fri until 9pm)

  • All indoor Masses at Resurrection can also be heard from the parking lot by tuning in to 91.3 FM on your radio

  • All indoor Masses at St. Paul can be heard when sitting in the courtyard.

  • *For those tuning in on-site: communion will be distributed from all indoor Masses - at the parking lot side door at Resurrection and in the rectory side courtyard at St. Paul

To celebrate the Year of the Eucharist in our Collaborative, we will be having Mass at 7PM on Friday, January 15th at Resurrection,  followed by Eucharistic Adoration until 9AM Mass on Saturday January 16th. Confessions will be available in the evening.   All are welcome to attend all or part of the evening and can participate as a virtual adorer on our Hingham Catholic Facebook page

Please be aware of participant guidelines specified in more detail Here

Mass  & Adoration Attendee Contact Information
In the case of our discovering that someone at Mass 
tests positive for COVID-19 in the days to follow,
we want to be able to inform all of you so that, in consultation with your physician, you can take the appropriate steps.
If you did not register, and if you wish to be contacted, You may leave your contact information HERE 
or call the rectory with the appropriate contact information so that you can receive notification.



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Saturday 4PM Vigil at Resurrection

Sunday 7AM and 10AM at St. Paul

9:30AM 11:30AM and 5:30PM at Resurrection.

Monday-Friday 9AM at St. Paul

Monday - Friday 7PM at Resurrection


Due to COVID-19 precautions, confessions  are available either after the 7 PM Mass at Resurrection (Wed-Fri until 9 PM) or by  appointment
Please call Fr. Norwood at
781-749-3577 x214, or
Fr. Nestor at
781-749-0587 x215

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To find Mass Time when you travel: http://catholicmasstime.org/ 



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