Thank you for your interest in Online Giving. Online Giving is a convenient and secure way to make recurring and special collection donations to St. Paul or Resurrection Parish. When you participate, your gift will transfer directly into the parish bank checks to write or cash to have on hand. You can even use your credit card. 

Online Giving also makes it easy to give a consistent gift to the parish of your choice, while attending Mass where it is most convenient for your family. You can set up a giving schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.) and designate a specific amount so that no further action on your part is needed. Plus, you will receive a written confirmation by email for every online gift.

It is extremely helpful to have a reliable source of income on a regular basis. We are grateful for your ongoing support of the parish.

To set up a new account: Please click on the ConnectNow Giving link below for your preferred Parish. Go to the Sign In to set up your account. More detailed instruction sheet can be found below.

Other Resource Links:
- - Resurrection Parish ConnectNow Giving Site
- - Saint Paul Parish ConnectNow Giving Site

- - Detailed Instruction Sheet and FAQ's
- - Authorization Form if you choose to have the parish manage your account
- - "I Gave Online" cards (printable sheet) to include in envelopes or drop in offertory basket

If you have any questions regarding online giving for either parish, please contact the St. Paul Business Administrator, Mrs. Linda Resca, 781-749-0587, or


If you have found that your donations are no longer being taken from your account, pleaese log in to your Online Giving account. When we first got the system, there was a default "expiration date" that may have been set to 12/31/2018. You may need to set up a new "Recurring Gift" to get your donations going again. You will now be able to set the end date yourself. Sorry for the inconveniece. Thank you for checking on your donations.


Online Giving

Log-in/Register Here

Log-in/Register Here
St Paul Parish

Thank you for your interest in Online Giving, a secure and consistent way to contribute to the ongoing needs of your parish.

Please see the
left-hand column for more information and for instructions on setting up a new account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my regular checking or savings account?

Yes, you can sign up with the bank account that you would like to your weekly offering or one time donation to be drafted from.

Can I use my credit card?

The credit card option allows you to take advantage of any benefits such as airline mileage or cash bonuses your credit card offers. Our parishes accept Visa, Master Card and Discover cards.

Can I easily adjust my donation amount?

Yes, just log into your personal account and make the change in your donation anytime.

Can I make a one time donation?

Yes either log into your account and set up a payment or select "Quick Give" to make a donation without setting a personal username and password.

How are my contributions automatically deducted from my account?

When you create your account, you enter your credit card and/or bank account information and then specify the amount you wish to contribute. Your contribution will be transferred from your account to the church bank account.

When will my contribution be deducted from my account?

The Online Giving system provides you the ability to select the date you would like your contribution to occur. You will receive an email notification prior to each contribution date, and your account will be debited on the date you specify.

If I do not write checks, then how do I balance my checkbook?

You will receive an email notification prior to each contribution date and also a confirmation email that your gift has been processed. These reminders will help you to remember to record the gift in your check register on the appropriate date. Electronic contributions are also recorded on your bank statement and in your Online Giving reports.

Can I contribute different amounts to different offerings? Can they be withdrawn at different times? Can I use different accounts for the contributions?

The system provides you the capability to give different amounts to different offerings at different times. For example, assuming your parish has set up these gift offerings, you are able to give your regular weekly offering on the 1st of the month and your flower gift on the 10th of the month. You are able to use any number of bank and/or credit card accounts for your offerings.

What if I change bank accounts?

Simply login and update your bank account information in your profile.

What if I want to stop using Online Giving?

You can cancel your authorization by deleting your credit card and/or bank account information along with your donation dates.


If you have additional questions regarding our Online Giving program, please contact the parish office.

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