Pastoral Plan Writing Team


Collaborative Vision:

We aspire to be a community centered on the Eucharist where parishioners are growing disciples of Christ and are intentional about the mission of evangelization. We will be an unwavering beacon of faith, hope and love so that others are drawn to be living witnesses of Christ’s love. The exercise of our faith in Christ will manifest itself in righteous action and good works. We will establish a unified collaborative, where all are welcomed into an inclusive parish experience anchored by our common faith in Jesus. 

Purpose of the Collaborative Writing Team: 

Given the task of evaluating the current needs of the Collaborative, fostering a sense of unity and community, and promoting Christ-centered enrichment, the writing team seeks objective attainable goals for a future way forward together as a community of faith.

Last spring, Resurrection and St. Paul participated in a national study of dynamic parishes conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute. We would like to thank all who took the time to participate in the Disciple Maker Index Survey. Many of the questions in the survey provide specific areas that we can focus on so that we build on our strengths, identify our weaknesses and establish goals to create the parish we all desire to be a part of. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of these strengths and opportunities for growth. We are eager to hear your thoughts as this will help inform our decisions as we move forward in the creation of smart goals as part of our collaborative 3-year plan.


Chris Davidson

Mary Kerrigan

Jane McGrath

Marianne Menesale

Rev. Tom Nestor

Elizabeth Reardon

Mark Ryan

Steve Sypek

Rob Shusterman

Jack Sullivan

Jane Wisleder

Any questions or comments regarding the Pastoral Plan, feel free to email or call Elizabeth Reardon or Rev. Tom Nestor at (781) 749-0587 or speak with any of the committee members listed above.


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