St. Paul Cemetery


St. Paul's cemetery is located on Hersey Street in Hingham. 

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Image result for st paul's cemetery hinghamCemetery Updates
St. Paul Parish is in the process of improvements and  expansion of the St. Paul Cemetery on Hersey Street to be accomplished over a five-year period. During the calendar year 2017, the Cemetery Committee engaged a cemetery architect, Ricardo Austrich of Halvorson Design in order to evaluate possible changes to the cemetery over the next four years. This consultation resulted in a number of improvements and expansion steps to be implemented over the course of the next few years. Among these updates to date have been parking areas added to Section R, roadwork improvements, landscaping clean up, various fence repair and replacements. Most prominent is the removal of the chain link fence along Hersey Street which will be replaced with a durable, historical iron fence by spring.

If have any comments or concerns, please email:

NOTICE: The water at St. Paul's Cemetery will be shut off for the winter and will remain off until Spring. Please collect your hoses and store them for the winter. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Christopher Connelly, Troop 4 Boy Scout, made this
directory and installed it at Saint Paul's Cemetery
as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

This directory, located at the entrance to the cemetery, identifies plots and burials in Sections R and A. A project is underway to also make the directory available to search on this website. Meanwhile, most burials in all sections except Section R are currently available on the "Find A Grave" website at


Cemetery Price List - as of March 17 2019

Cemetery contact email:


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