Inspiring Hope Campaign


Collaborative of Resurrection & St. Paul


Our Needs for the Future

As our community has grown over the years, so have our needs. Parishioners have always
demonstrated selfless generosity to the Church through giving their time and resources to
past fundraising initiatives.
As we look to the years ahead, we must be diligent in maintaining our current facilities,
enhancing spiritual life, and creating a platform for the future vitality of the parish.

Why are we conducting a capital campaign NOW? Wouldn’t it be better to wait?

  •  One of the greatest challenges faced by the Church in Boston (and in most of the United States) is the great number of unchurched people – many of whom were born to Catholic parents but are not practicing.
  •  The top funding priority for Inspiring Hope is to invest in the mechanisms and resources parishes and schools need to reach these individuals and invite them back into a community of faith.
  • We feel strongly that now is the time to expand evangelization and outreach efforts and that we cannot afford to wait for future generations to make these investments.

Why would our parishes need an endowment?

  • Endowments provide a permanent source of ongoing revenue that can help us weather economic downturns without necessarily having to reduce or eliminate essential staff positions or services. Additionally, spendable income from endowments could be used to provide funding for programs or maintenance without placing additional demands on the weekly contributions that fund the parish’s daily operations.

  • The present and future realities of participation in the Catholic Church in New England necessitate careful planning and strategic investments in order to maintain and/or grow services to parishioners and others whom the Church serves. Our hope and expectation is to address these needs now, during this unprecedented economic upswing.

  • Many Protestant and Jewish congregations across the region have endowed funds that have been built up over decades, allowing them to employ similar levels of clergy and staff as those of Catholic churches – despite congregations that are generally smaller than our communities. These endowments complement the significant tithes offered by faithful members during good financial times and provide for continuity of service in difficult times.

  •  The endowment funds raised for each parish are merely intended to be a beginning. By educating parishioners about planned giving and by promoting the endowments, we will offer the faithful an opportunity to perpetually sustain Catholicism in Hingham through theirestate plans.

The Inspiring Hope campaign will enable us to:

Secure the Future

  •  Raise money for an endowment fund that will one day provide a perpetual stream of income dedicated to lifelong faith formation programming within our collaborative.

Steward our Home

  • Dedicate funds for capital reserves, or “rainy day funds” to ensure our parishes and our school are in a position of financial strength to better serve our parish families, students, and visitors now and for years to come.


If you have questions about a pledge you have made or the processing of your gift you may call the Archdiocese Gift Processing Helpline at (617) 779-3700.





Checks should be made out to:

"Inspiring Hope Campaign" with either Resurrection or St. Paul's in the memo line.

If you still have questions,  you may call Resurrection at (781) 749- 3577 or St. Paul at (781) 749-0587 so we can help answer those questions.


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